Fashion Shows

Don’t miss daily fashion shows on our Centre Stage presented by Runway for HOPE Ottawa. This organization aims to increase recognition for local fashion designers and clothing. Their goal [...]

Mom in the Know

Today’s moms need to pack a lot into a day. They have their own careers and interests on top of all of the fun and wonder of parenting. Mom in the Know aims to make life simple and [...]

Abel Maxwell

Best-Selling Author (Hollywood, 2014), Community Achievement Award Winner by the International Humanitarian Fashion Week sponsored by UNESCO (2017) and nominated as Best Male Performer at 2015 [...]

The Twin Singers – TÙ

Two powerful vocalists with a unique sound that will remind you of the power of Christina Aguilera, the charisma of Beyonce with the soul of the Motown era. The duo TÙ recently teamed up with [...]