As women, we are expected to work hard, provide for our family and be a supportive wife or partner all while keeping it together effortlessly.  The thing is, no one can accomplish this without a hiccup here or there. We are human and we make mistakes.  Though, when we want to ask for help, we don’t always know how to speak up.

During our time at the Women’s Show in Toronto last November, our very own Nicole got to sit down with Karen Mitton, a clinical social worker and therapist.  She provides counselling and psychotherapy services to children, teens, and adults and uses a very different approach towards helping her clients.

She discussed that she tries to emphasize internal self-care by introducing soulful makeovers & ultimately enhancing ourselves but not changing who we are as people. She often finds that high power executives reach out to her as they are bogged down by stress and the daily pressures of being “perfect”.  She helps them get to a place of spiritual happiness as she provides a safe haven for them to simply be themselves.

Karen is available for women who want to speak over the phone – she provides free telephone consultations and she is even available for home visits.  She finds that women who are dealing with issues such as postpartum depression are finding it extremely helpful that this service is available to them.

So, if you feel like you want to take better care of yourself and your soul, contact Karen Mitton. All information can be found here!

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