Alison Tennen, is no stranger to “calming down”.  As the creator of Calm Down, Alison uses her intuition and expertise as a skilled coach to help fearful thinking and disempowering perceptions transform to positive and lighter living.

Her interview at the Toronto Women’s Show back in November helps explain how challenging it can be to learn how to calm ourselves down.  This is why she is trying to help women especially learn the right way to de-stress and become present again.  Women tend to have the “do-it-all” mentality and that adds an enormous amount of pressure.  So, Alison believes in becoming physically grounded again. She helps instill the courage to accept that we cannot live up to unrealistic expectations and she brings us back to a place where we can finally feel we are back in our own bodies.

She also explains that it takes time to understand how to tune into gravity, but once you do, once you find a way of bringing your inner self back into your body, you will feel present again.

It’s so important for us to realize our surroundings and understand what unnecessary weight we can take off ourselves.  This all leads into the bigger picture: calming down.

Find out all there needs to know about calming down by visiting Alison’s site here.

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