We all know cannabis has become legal in Canada and yet do we really know much about it? Jillian Henderson, Director of Medical Outreach at Canadian Cannabis Clinics, came to the Women’s Show last November to talk to us about cannabis. She let us know just what they do to help Canadians overcome a myriad of health issues that are not necessarily healed by conventional medicine.

We’ve compiled the most important questions from the video below but you have to watch the full video below to see what they’re all about!

What do they have to offer?

At Canadian Cannabis Clinics, their goal is to provide patients with the highest level of care and an improved quality of life through education on the therapeutic use of cannabis.

They’ll determine whether cannabis is a suitable option and their counsellors will guide you throughout the process. Staffed by medically trained doctors, patients with health issues such as muscle pain, inflammation, insomnia, seizure disorders, etc. are assessed and treated.

Is it open for anyone?

They welcome anyone but you would have to have confirmation of a real diagnosis. If you meet the certain criteria after being assessed then the team will help you with the best viable option to help start the healing process.

Is Medical cannabis used alongside conventional medicine or used as a standalone treatment?

It depends on the patient – however, most patients who come to Canadian Cannabis Clinics have already exhausted all other conventional medicines which can carry with them horrible side effects.

Canadian Cannabis Clinics instill a circle of care and communication where physicians are required to send a consult note to the patient’s regular physician. They pride themselves on a team approach to helping you get the care you need.

For more information visit Canadian Cannabis Clinics, or email [email protected]

*Interesting fact (from www.cannabisclinics.ca): To date, we have helped over 65,000 Canadians with medical conditions, providing over 31 million Better Days for patients.

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