Siesan Fashion Show ImageSeisen is a new brand all about you, women.

Lingerie, underwear, sleepwear, maternity apparel & accessories and swimwear, all specifically designed for your comfort, your style and your freedom. SEISEN is here to awake your senses. We hope you all join us for our colorful fashion show filled with tons of surprises!

Narcissé Palace

The adventure began when the Canadian singer and model Narcissé Nguyen or also known as Narcissé Soulsinger, Celestial Prince, decided to further bring his universality, creativity and versatility in the wonderful world of fashion, tailoring and dressmaking.

He dreamt of introducing costumes and clothes out of the ordinary to the everyday person. His extravagant fashions are all inspired by a mix of science fiction and fantasy. His mission is to promote civilizations to wear them proudly whenever and wherever they want. “Narcissé Palace” materialized into an entity that creates one-of-a-kind fashion statements, including clothing, perfume, accessories, and costumes.


La Me-Tys Fashion ShowLa Mét-tys offers quality clothing to dress women with an hourglass figure. La Mé-tys’s style is a combination of contemporary shapes and African textiles. My mission is to bring a combination of occidental and African fashion to the market, and to do so, I have decided to modernize African fashion by blending wax fabric with different mainstream commercial textiles.

This line of clothing is for bold confident women. They will be wearing clothing that will flatter their hourglass figure. The women who wear La Mé-tys are not afraid of color and to dare the hot trends of the hour. This line is perfect for those women who cannot find a simple pair of jeans for their curvy figure.

My collection is exclusive and modern since La Mé-tys is the only line to offer a blend of cultures with an element of modernism and of course being trendy through it all!

Widi'z Élégance

Wiwa, a passionate designer devoted to fashion. Happy to present you a new brand of clothing [Widi’z Élégance] in the category of evening dress and ready-to-wear. Our style is a modern alliance between Western and Eastern cultures. We were always amazed by architecture and design.

The creation and realization of our work is made in Quebec, for our dresses we always choose noble materials imported from France and Italy such as organdy, satin, taffeta and “la tulle” (hand embroidered or beaded with semi-precious beads or sequins).

The design of our dresses is unique in that it allows a woman to feel beautiful. Her inner and outer beauty is revealed in layers by the magic she releases by wearing our garments. In a few words, she will be radiant and ever elegant.

Telephone: (514)206-6819
Instagram: wiwa_blue
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: (under construction)


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