It’s not every day that us women are guided on a soul-searching, goal-achieving journey to finding our best selves.

Paula Weisflock of Transforming Venus, founder of the Goddess Academy, mentor, entrepreneur, educator, leader and author, who still values the title “CPO” (Chief Positivity Officer) the most, wants women to see that goals can be achieved as long as we put a little work into it.

At the Women’s Show this past November in Toronto, we had the pleasure of learning about Paula’s educational workshops that she administers for women of all ages.

Coming up on February 3rd, she’ll be teaching a “transformational vision board” workshop in Port Perry.  Here, she’ll show you how to create a vision board – to write all your goals you would like to accomplish and to jump start it by “putting it into the universe”.

Sometimes women need a little push to see their future as many of us end up feeling stuck and unsure once our daily routines get the best of us.  Paula helps us see what’s next for us by giving women the right tools to build the lifestyle we have always desired.

You can find more information on Paula’s website here and join a workshop today! Go ahead, find your inner goddess!

Inner Goddess

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