Mi Lashes

Michele Duivenvoorden, a Canadian makeup artist, beauty coach, cosmetic buyer and entrepreneur, has developed a new lash invention that will make ladies all over swoon!

She knows it’s not easy to have little to almost no lashes and women are always looking for healthier alternatives to the glue and ick of fake eyelashes. She also wanted to let women have the option of not going the permanent route, as that can be quite pricey.

So, she sought after a solution to eliminate the mess of traditional fake lashes, and Mi Lashes was born.  Their magnetic function allows a safe and foolproof method of applying lashes to your eyes.  All that is required of you is to apply one of the lashes in the kit to your upper lash line and then you use the other right below your lash line, creating a full-bodied dramatic lash effect you are looking for!

Michele has also introduced a new program, which allows you to become a brand affiliate for Mi Lashes.  If you feel that is right for you be sure to visit her site here  for more details!

You can also catch her interview right here showcasing Mi Lashes at the National Women’s Show in November.  Hear Michele speak about her new lash invention and stay tuned for her eyebrow products coming in the new year!

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