Ivonne Sanchez, one of our Ottawa Women’s Show exhibitors, is letting you in on all the details of cosmetic tattooing and how they’re making a huge comeback! Read her blog below!

Cosmetic tattoos and permanent makeup are making a comeback and search interest has doubled and in some cases even tripled since Google started tracking keywords 14 years ago.

What exactly are cosmetic tattoos and permanent makeup and why is it becoming so popular?

What is it:

Cosmetic tattoo is made up of many styles of semi/permanent makeup. It includes eyebrow shading like Ombre brows or powdered brows. It includes microblading and nano-needling (recreating fine hair-like strokes) giving shape and definition to your brows. Cosmetic tattoo includes permanent eyeliners of many shapes and forms and permanent lip shading or lip contouring. The practice extends even to freckles and beauty marks, or covering up skin conditions like vitiligo or restoring the appearance of lost hair from alopecia. Permanent makeup is both for fun or out of necessity.

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What has changed:

Remember the oxidized tattoos of the 70s and 80s, thick, blurry, and how they became black and blue and dull over time? Say goodbye to those problems. Everything about the materials, process and practice has been transformed. It is not the same.

The technology:

State-of-the-art developments in both tools and supplies have made your permanent makeup professionals ninja-like. Now, armed with the best in high quality, precision and automatic instruments experts are now able to produce the most accurate and natural looking recreation of beauty.

The products:

The pigments are quality controlled and regulated unlike never before. Patented processes and improvements in manufacturing have resulted in high grade and high performance long-lasting colour pigments.

The training:

Now more than ever beauty academies are able to propagate learned processes, strategies and refined approaches over the application of permanent makeup procedures. There are many academies and they are pushing out learning material at a pace that is unprecedented.


More and more permanent makeup startups are coming online in your communities and they can be found more and more easily. With access to the internet and armed with an Instagram profile qualified professionals can easily be found, publishing their work, and showcasing their personalities.

Why it is in high demand:

Women are busier than ever. With career and home life opportunities blossoming the demand on women is at its all time highest. The role of women has evolved to include so many responsibilities both in the home and at work. It has become increasingly difficult and increasingly necessary for women to find ways to save time, save money and maintain or increase the quality of their lives. Permanent makeup supports achieving all of this.

Permanent makeup is for everyone. Younger clients are now enjoying more opportunities and custom building their beauty look. With more and more GenZ, GenX and Millennials spending more time posting to social media; vlogging, everyone is playing with their appearance – trying new looks and having so much fun! For the older generations who are enjoying increased longevity there is a renewed focus to improve quality of life. This means, too, to get out and pamper themselves with a day at the spa, hair salon or get permanent makeup. The maturing demographic is looking for ways to maintain and improve their level of personal care so that they can enjoy being more social and more involved. Permanent makeup is a world-class service that makes this all possible.

Not sure whether permanent makeup is for you? Check out the videos below of Dominique Sachse, a well-respected journalist who documented her own experience with permanent makeup.

Microblading Eyebrows:

How Do You Know Whether Permanent Makeup Is for You?

  1. Do you struggle to find time in your day?
  2. Has it become difficult for you to see or draw lines and shapes?
  3. Do you have a beauty vlog or website or are you are in the public eye?
  4. Would you like to maintain your appearance even when exercising, sweating and generally being busy?
  5. Have you explored and enjoyed long-lasting make-up like-18 hour lip stains?

If you said ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions then permanent makeup might be your thing.

Ivonne Sanchez is the owner and founder of “IVONNE”, a Permanent Makeup (and microblading) Clinic in Ottawa’s downtown core. Ivonne has several years’ experience in modeling, brand advice to major makeup brands, and even spent 10 years in corporate law! In 2017 Ivonne left the corporate world and returned to her first love – makeup and beauty.

She has been trained by world-renowned Phi-Academy based in Europe, completed Red Cross Bloodborne Pathogen Training and Ottawa’s Personal Service Setting training. Ivonne is insured and Ottawa Public Health Inspected and has a fast-growing online presence. She continues to expand her training in the area of tattoo removal, and other forms of permanent cosmetics. She is the proud mom of a kindergarten boss girl and when she’s not practicing on latex she can be found picking out the best pair of killer heels.

Learn more about IVONNE’s services and work here:

Website: https://ivonnesanchez.com

Instagram: ivonneclinic

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpSJweaoVzvKV0-es1bTjwA

If you are curious about permanent makeup read Ivonne’s other blogs on: How to Choose A Permanent Makeup Artist

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