See the Runway for HOPE Ottawa Fashion Shows live.

  • Mumbai Fashion 126 
  • Nesy Nou

Don’t miss daily fashion shows presented by Runway for HOPE Ottawa. This organization aims to increase recognition for local fashion designers and clothing. Their goal is to eventually have Ottawa recognized for its local fashion talent and to increase tourism to the nation’s capital for this very reason. With increasing support for Runway for Hope Ottawa, Canada’s capital has the potential to gain as much recognition as Montreal and Toronto’s fashion industry. Featured designers at our event include

Mumbai Fashion 126

Mumbai Fashion 126 is not only a brand. It’s also a Fashion House that creates intricate and stunning bridal wear – all while keeping in mind the client’s vision for their special events. With great quality clothing, using the latest fabric, Mumbai Fashion 126 proves to be a top apparel line. Designer Kajol Plaha has a wealth of experience under her belt – designing and dealing with clients firsthand. Her works of art can be seen on the runway and on her personal website.

Nesy Nou

Nesy Nou is an Ottawa-based fashion brand founded by Nesrine El Hassan. Her goal for the brand is to eliminate common stereotypes about fashion and illuminate the artistic and altruistic side of fashion. She believes an outfit can be a tool to tell a story or to reminisce, to remind us of a past event. “Fashion can do that. It can command a presence, paint a picture, and recall a time. I want to explore that with Nesy Nou.” – says Nesrine.
Nesy Nou aspires to be a reminder of how beautiful it is to be altruistic; to put others’ needs before ours, even if it is just by influencing or provoking a thought. Nesy Nou evolves at the core value of balancing improving lifestyles and wellness while keeping in mind preserving natural resources and the environment.
Interestingly enough, the name Nesy Nou comes from the founder Nesrine’s nickname, Nesy. Nou was created by Nesrine to remind herself “No One’s you”. No one is like you. Everyone is exceptional in his/her own way and a reminder to embrace our uniqueness in how we affect the world by simply being ourselves.

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