See the Runway for HOPE Ottawa Fashion Shows live.

  • Tunkas Fashion
  • Frida’s Attic
  • Nesy Nou

Don’t miss daily fashion shows presented by Runway for HOPE Ottawa. This organization aims to increase recognition for local fashion designers and clothing. Their goal is to eventually have Ottawa recognized for its local fashion talent and to increase tourism to the nation’s capital for this very reason. With increasing support for Runway for Hope Ottawa, Canada’s capital has the potential to gain as much recognition as Montreal and Toronto’s fashion industry. Featured designers at our event include

TUNKAS FASHION by Princess Tunkara

Princess Tunkara opened her business in 2010 called TUNKAS FASHION by selling clothing online for women national wide and around the world with great satisfaction. Its mission is to make their customers look sexy and feel great in their fashion style. Tunkas Fashion work with great designers and manufacturer to bring our costumers the best and most stylish collections. Tunkas Fashion is committed to provide clients with the hottest, highest quality clothing.

FRIDA`S ATTIC by Adriana Olivera Rincon

Karla Briones & Adriana Olivera Rincon were both born and raised in Mexico. The love and passion for their culture and people grew stronger after the earthquake in 2017 that devastated hundreds of communities. Together, they raised money to help those in need in Mexico and shortly after Frida’s Attic was born as a labour of love.

Frida’s Attic clothing and products are carefully picked and handmade with love by women in various communities in Mexico. Karla & Adriana promote fair trade and it is their goal to continue to support women and their families in Mexico by retailing and distributing their unique work to the world.

NESY NOU by Nesrine El Hassan

Nesy Nou is an Ottawa based fashion brand founded by Nesrine El Hassan. Her goal for the brand is to eliminate common stereotypes about fashion and illuminate the artistic and altruistic side of fashion. The name Nesy Nou comes from the founder Nesrine’s nickname, Nesy. Growing up, the name Nesrine was too hard to pronounce. Therefore, Nesrine mostly used her nickname as her first name. Nou was created by Nesrine to remind herself “No One’s you”. No one is like you. Everyone is exceptional in his/her own way and a reminder to embrace our uniqueness in how we affect the world by simply being ourselves.

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