Women are becoming more and more invested in finding the latest in anti-aging technology, permanent hair removal and skincare products promising fresher skin. Silkn’ Beautiful Technology built their business on this very fact. They saw the opportunity to expand at-home Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology for permanent hair removal for men and women.

This became the first IPL hair removal product for home use cleared by the FDA.  From this, they went on to develop a full line of skincare technology solutions using Radio Frequency, Infrared heat, LED Red light and Blue light technologies.  All have been clinically tested and proven by renowned dermatologists and cosmetic physicians.

The success of Silk’n products is evident. Ten million skin care devices are now in the hands of consumers worldwide. They offer an extensive line of anti-aging products that are revealing younger looking skin (for example the Red light technology that stimulates collagen production), diminishing lines and wrinkles and getting rid of cellulite. Not to mention the fact that their Blue line is clearing up acne, while their Pedi products are beautifying hands and feet.

The National Women’s Show in Toronto was very fortunate to have them last fall and is very much looking forward to having them again this year where they will feature some of their innovative technology.

In this video, the wonderful Sandra Cockburn, explains to the National Women’s Show correspondent, Nicole, about the various products Silkn’ has to offer. She shows us how to use the different products they have and how easy and shall we say almost painless it is to use them!

Check Sandra out here and her products on the Silkn’ website and be SURE to visit them when they return this fall!

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