Sonia Jhas is an award-winning Mindset and Wellness Expert, and one of the country’s most influential voices in mental and physical wellbeing. With 100+ million media impressions and a social media following of over half a million, Sonia has been imparting her honest and ground-breaking approach to mind and body as a speaker, educator, author, and advocate for over a decade, and is consistently ranked a top health influencer. Sonia is also a certified personal trainer and a renowned media expert, having appeared in VOGUE India, HuffPost, National Post, Breakfast Television, CP24, Global Morning and more, and was named one of Canada’s top power women by OptiMYz magazine in 2021. Her highly-anticipated viral TEDx Talk, “Where Do The Happy People Live?”, took place in November 2021 as a part of the TEDx Dupree Park event, taking audiences on a journey through her path to wellness, and giving them a roadmap to finding and maintaining their authentic selves. Sonia is currently penning her first book to continue sharing her expertise with audiences around the globe. To learn more about Sonia, visit


Instagram: @SoniaJhas
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