Hair loss is one of the hardest issues to tackle among men and women and because we have very little control over it, we are left feeling helpless and self-conscious. Some of us decide to just let it run its course, leaving it untreated and unhidden, while some of us are so embarrassed we resort to using fake hair, makeup, hats or scarves – or worse, surgical treatments.  And, of course with so many different options in the beauty market, we don’t always know where to look.

Surethik is one company that is trying to lay our hair loss fears to rest with their innovative and unique products.  A professional collection of hair-thickening products, it has been formulated using 30 years of experience in the surgical and non-surgical hair loss industry.  All products are natural, with proteins, botanicals and hair re-growth ingredients so all skin types can benefit from these products, especially those who suffer from psoriasis and dry scalp.

So how does this product work exactly? Say you are going out with friends and you want to cover that unsightly bald spot.  Grab your SureThik, sprinkle over the spot and head out. The hair-thickening fibres, made of natural keratin, are statically charged and stick to your scalp.  They are also sweat proof meaning you wouldn’t need to reapply. So even if you needed to do a quick up-do and you’re embarrassed of that tiny bald spot, you can use this product for that purpose as well!

Surethik powder comes in 8 natural shades. For those of you who also want to use this on your eyebrows, they have created a similar product.  You can avoid the pencil look and dab the thickening fibres to your brows and your look is complete!

Don’t miss your opportunity to visit the SureThik booth to discover how you can treat your hair loss woes!  Come to The Toronto National Women’s Show on November 10, 11 & 12, 2017. You can also learn more about all the amazing products SureThik has to offer here .

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