Cold-pressed juice has become wildly popular these days due to its several health benefits that it can offer you. One company who has established themselves in the Canadian market as a cold-pressed juice company is Buda Juice.

Their mantra: raw, organic, real – rings true to its ingredients.  Nothing is processed or pasteurized in any way nor contaminated by pesticides or chemicals. Each hand-squeezed bottle of Buda Juice® is full of nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, and raw energy just as nature intended.

Buda Juice® prides itself on their mindset – to re-set, energize and Restore Body & Soul®.  They believe in going back to basics. If our ancestors made everything from scratch, then why can’t we?  Foods we consume on a daily basis could contain additives made from petroleum products, pesticides, and other toxins. These can create a build-up in our system making us sluggish, heavy, foggy brained, and even sick.

We were very lucky to have Buda Juice at our Women’s Show in Toronto last fall and we spoke to Bryan Alderdice to get the scoop on this amazing product.  He explains that everything they put out is certified, organic cold-pressed juice.  Many do not actually know that cold-pressed means maximizing nutritional value of the fruits and veggies we eat. In fact, in one juice clean bottle alone, you’ll be getting roughly 20 pounds of produce.

So why not try it out? Give your mind and body a rest with the Buda Cleanse. Glass bottled, organic, fresh from the fields… and always delicious!

For more information on Buda Juice, visit their site here!

Buda Juice

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