Established in 2005, Capilia, promises to be a reliable, proven resource for hair health. Dedicated to offering a unique and authentic experience, they provide a wide selection of innovative, personalized and carefully tested products and services, provided by attentive experts that are focused on listening and respecting client goals and needs.

Their services range from efficient scalp products and treatments, non-surgical hair replacement, microfollicular hair transplants, and hair-building fibres.

Last November at The National Women’s Show in Toronto, John from Capilia took a moment to talk to Nicole about what type of services they offer to women and men.  Their main goal is hair loss prevention and to provide you with all the information you need for a healthy scalp.

As you can see in the video, he demonstrates just one of the many things they do at the clinics. Using a specific tool, he can go as close as possible to your scalp and analyze exactly what could be causing unhealthy hair.

And what exactly are the most common scalp issues? Hair loss – women suffer hair loss as they age because their hair thins out; and a major buildup of residue on the scalp.

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