If you’re a woman who loves anything to do with water sports you may have heard about Truli Wetsuits. They’re beautiful, functional and is true to you and your body type!

Designer and CEO, Mia Toose, had one mission: to provide female water sport lovers with wetsuits that reflect a women’s’ desire for both high performance gear and a captivating style. Women can feel free with less wetsuit but still feel warm and cozy all day long! Our Women’s Show correspondent Nicole had a chance to talk to Mia at the Toronto National Women’s Show this past November and she explained how easy and comfortable her wetsuits are – with a fleece lining and less bulky material!

As a dive instructor, Mia understood the importance of providing a good quality wetsuit for women – something that could keep your core warm and easy to put on and take off! She explains in the video how with just five easy steps, using the Truli ribbon, you’ll be able to remove the wetsuit hassle-free!

Her two newest products – Truli full and beautiful – the 5.5 mm wetsuit; and Truli Happy – the same design but with a longer sleeve are shown in the video as well.

Truli Wetsuits come in 21 sizes to suit every shape and size in our female community!

For more information on Truli Wetsuits click here.

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