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My Medical Vacations                                                                          LEARN MORE
                                                                                                       LEARN MORE

        We are a medical travel company that specializes in providing full patient services and logistics. Medical
        procedures offered: cosmetic and plastic surgeries, dentistry, bariatric and orthopedic. We offer an affordable
        option to the exceptionally high prices of medical care and the long waiting lines and accessibility to
        specialists in Canada.

        Norwex                                                                 CONTACT US

        Norwex is a company that believes strongly in ditching those household cleaners
        etc that are full of chemicals and making your home a safe haven with our
        enviromentally safe products. Take a look at all the safe and amazing products we
        have to offer, you wont regret it. Contact me today!

                                                   The Stocking Stuffer Store

                                                   We offer one-stop shopping for those unique,
                                                   hard-to-find stocking stuffers that transform a
                                                   ho-hum stocking into a fun grab-bag!

                                                     •  Candy Cane Tub Truffles FOR HER        •  Games
                                                     •  Beer Socks FOR HIM                     •  Treats
                                                     •  Astronaut Ice Cream FOR KIDS           •  Household Items

                                                   Over 200 Stocking Stuffers to choose from!

                                                                SHOP NOW

        SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT GUIDE                                                          2020 HOLIDAY EDITION                    SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT GUIDE                                                          2020 HOLIDAY EDITION
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